Planning your first Local Epic

What is a “Local Epic?”

“Local” is defined as relating to, or characteristic of, a particular place: not general or widespread.  For this blog, local is defined as a circle that contains an area within a 4-hour round trip journey by car – assuming a speed of ~50mph on average, it includes a circle with a radius of 100 miles, the center of which is the starting point for the person about to embark upon this “Epic.”

“Epic” used as an adjective means extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope.

For purposes of this blog, we will work on two types of “Local Epics:”

a) Local Epic Adventure – I consider this to be a physical activity of some sort (hiking, walking, biking, boating, etc).  Adventure usually means to encounter some danger or risk.  My use of the term simply means to have a physical activity beyond the usual or ordinary.

b) Local Epic Experience – I consider this to be an activity not necessarily focused on the physical (e.g., a wine tasting, culinary event, historical site visit, etc).

Seven Steps to Enjoying a Local Epic!

I’m just going to lay out the steps here — I will explain them in detail (with how-tos) in the following posts.

1. Build your map. There are several ways you can do this using two different media — a) on-line maps (e.g., Bing maps, Google maps, GaiaGPS, or some other online mapping option); b) off-line maps (either from your local library or maps you own or have purchased).

2. Capture the “Art of the Possible.” Using your map, explore the area within a 100-mile radius and capture any parks, features, landmarks, historical sites, etc that it is possible to visit.

3. Decide upon your Adventure or Experience. Now, using your list of “Possibilities,” decide which of the two Local Epics you want to try … Adventure or Experience.

4. Make it Epic! Now comes the really fun part — decide what makes this Adventure/Experience Epic! You’ll have to think about it in terms of scope (e.g., distance, difficulty, etc).

5. Plan your Local Epic. Once you have the why, where and what, it’s time to decide the When and How!

6. Fund your plan! The obvious penultimate step before embarking upon your Local Epic!

7. Execute, Execute, Execute! The hardest part now … get out there and do it! Take that first step to enjoying your Epic Life … you live in an Epic Area!


Author: Stumblingpiper

I've enjoyed my hobbies in many different states/countries. I like homebrewing, mountainbiking, bagpiping, and many others.

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