Let’s have an Epic Adventure … locally.

I love the magazines that tell me where I should go for an Epic Adventure — except I’d have to take out a loan to get to all of these places. I need a magazine (or blog) to help me pull off an Epic Adventure and still make bill payments.  I’m dedicating this blog to those who want the thrill of Epic with a Local flair!

My definition of Local is within a 4-hour round-trip driving distance. What I mean is 2 hours to get to your adventure, and 2 hours home. This would typically mean 1 tank of gas.

I will be creating some other criteria to help scope what I mean by Local Epic, but it will definitely include a cap on costs too.  Once the criteria are in place, then I’ll post a how-to for planning your adventure. Stumblingpiper

Author: Stumblingpiper

I've enjoyed my hobbies in many different states/countries. I like homebrewing, mountainbiking, bagpiping, and many others.

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